Colours and fabrics

Our range includes Genuine Leather, Leather Upper, Leather Look and Suede, in a variety of colour options.

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Microfibre suede uses a softer and more
pliable fabric with a plush and cosy feel.

Cleaning and Care

No matter which fabric your Reclineronline lounger is covered in, the same cleaning and care tips apply. Here are some golden rules to follow when caring for your recliner suite.

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Do not use harsh detergents or chemicals:

Do NOT use harsh detergents or chemicals on your suite as they can dull the sheen of the material as well as cause premature fading. Some household cleaners and solvents remove plasticizers from PU, making them brittle. Abrasive cleaners scratch the smooth surface.

Watch out for the sun:

Do NOT expose your lounge suite to direct sunlight and never allow heaters to be in range of your suite.

Important tip:

An important tip to remember is to clean and maintain the arms of the suite – this is the area that is subject to the perspiration from the palms of the hands and foodstuffs. It is vital to maintain the arm areas regularly by simply wiping them down with clean warm water and towel dry…as simple as that!

Fabric cleaning guidelines:

The general approach to cleaning our Genuine Leather, Leather Upper and Leather Look suites is the same. As a rule, do not ever apply anything other than clean water with a soft, clean cloth on your Reclineronline suite.
Reclineronline’s soft fabric covers include upholsteries like chenille (a woven fabric) and microfibre fabrics like synthetic suede.
To remove light stains in these fabrics, dab the area with a clean, wet cloth or consult a cleaning specialist for more sophisticated help. We also recommend that you get your suite professionally dry–or steam-cleaned every once in a while.

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