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The first Alpine couch was manufactured in 1969. Since then, Alpine’s reputation for high quality, upmarket lounge furniture has resulted in the expansion of the range into reclining (motion) and static suites, couches and occasional chairs in both full grain leather and fabric.

Single Recliners

2 Seater Couch

3 Seater Couch

6 Seater Lounge and Recliner Suites

Corner Lounge Suites

Alpine colours and fabrics

Let your lounge suite tell its own unforgettable story that is as unique as you are. You can select your preferred fabric for your recliner or lounge suite that suits your taste and personality. This is what makes Alpine and the full grain leather and fabrics so appealing.

Your choice. Your style.

Cleaning and Care

No matter which fabric your Alpine lounger is covered in, the same cleaning and care tips apply.
Click here for some golden rules to follow when caring for your recliner suite.