Calgan Recliners is a top South African manufacturer
and supplier of recliners and recliner lounge suites.

For over 25 years, Calgan Recliners has been furnishing South African homes with high quality, hand crafted lounge suites. Brought to you by Reclineronline at the best prices.

5 Seater Recliners and Lounge Suites

3 Seater Recliners and Couches

2 Seater Recliners and Couches

Single Recliners and Chairs

Calgan colours and fabrics

The Calgan range includes Genuine Leather, Exotic Leather, Leather Upper,
Leather Look and Suede, in a variety of colour options.

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Your choice. Your style.

Cleaning and Care

No matter which fabric your Calgan lounger is covered in, the same cleaning and care tips apply.
Click here for some golden rules to follow when caring for your recliner suite.