Styling tips that make a small living room feel bigger

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People all over the world are making the shift from bigger and under-utilised spaces to smaller more functional ones. This has brought many trends to the front, including small living and tiny homes. Small living welcomes innovative ways to play and utilise spaces by creating furniture and structural designs that embrace functionality over size.

Small spaces never need to be boring. Using the right colours, interior shapes and interesting textures with cosy recliner chairs can make your small space, a beautiful one. 

Table play 

Beloved big bulky coffee tables and side tables are no longer going to cut it in smaller spaces. You will need to source functional pieces that offer you the best alternative The Bishop Side Table is a great choice as it takes up so little space. It’s a versatile metal unit designed for use as both a stylish side table and a table that conveniently fits over the armrest of your couch.

Sometimes you may need a little more table space, especially when guests come over. The Casa Coffe Table is perfect for small spaces as it comes as a set of two coffee tables, seamlessly blending metal, glass, and rattan-look elements. This nesting coffee table set gives you more when you need it most and can easel;y be stacked away – keeping your style in check.

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Mirror magic

Mirrors are an excellent decor accessory to give the illusion of extra space making any space seem bigger. Here are some ways mirrors can make a space seem bigger.

  • Reflection of Light: Mirrors reflect natural light, making a room brighter and more inviting. Increased illumination helps eliminate shadows and dark corners, giving the impression of a more expansive space.
  • Expanding Sight Lines: Placing mirrors in strategic places can extend sight lines and create the illusion that there is more space beyond the physical boundaries of the room. This enhances the feeling of openness.
  • Creating Depth: Mirrors create visual layers within a space. When placed opposite a focal point, such as a window or doorway, mirrors can give the impression of an extended area.
  • Mirrored Furniture: Incorporating mirrored furniture or decor items can contribute to the overall illusion of space. Mirrored surfaces reflect the surroundings, making the furniture seem less bulky. 
  • Strategic Placement: Careful placement of mirrors is crucial. Position them across from windows or doors to maximise the effect of reflecting natural light and creating a sense of continuity.
  • Mirror Walls: Installing a gallery of mirrors on an entire wall, or large sections of a wall, can visually enlarge the room. This works especially well in small spaces like bathrooms or narrow hallways.
  • Use of Oversized Mirrors: Larger mirrors can create a more dramatic impact by covering a significant portion of a wall. This not only enhances the perception of space but also adds a touch of sophistication to the decor.

Displays for days

Opt for display units with a slim and vertical design to maximise vertical space rather than horizontal space. This cleverly utilises the height of the room without taking up too much floor space. The Marina Display unit is a great alternative to bulky units that take up too much space. 

You can make the most of display units in small spaces, transforming them into functional and visually appealing elements of your decor when you choose the right one for your space.

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Recliners for style and comfort 

For space efficiency, single and 2-seater recliner chairs take up less floor space and are a crucial comfort and stylish element in smaller rooms where optimising space is a priority. The great thing about single and two-seat recliner chairs is that they are versatile and can be paired with other furniture pieces to create a customised seating arrangement. This adaptability is beneficial in small living rooms or apartments with limited space. 

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