Go big or go home! 5 Reasons to buy a 5 or 6-seater couch

A family enjoys the spaciousness of a 5-seater couch.

Buying a large couch is a major financial investment and offers a significant statement piece for any room. So there’s good reason to think through the benefits of purchasing a bigger 5 or 6-seater couch or corner couch that meets your requirements and budget. Suitable for compact apartments and cramped townhouses as well as roomy homes with sizeable open-plan spaces, you’ll be surprise by the versatility of a corner or 6-seater couch. 

Whether you’ve recently moved into a new place or are considering a fashionable and functional lounge transformation, a 5-seater or 6-seater couch or corner unit will give you 5 reasons to smile:

#1 The perfect fit for spaces big or small

5 or 6-seater corner couches maximise versatility. 

Do you have an awkwardly-shaped room and in need of a nifty seating solution? A corner couch solves the problem. Struggling to find a statement furniture piece to anchor an open-plan space? The 6-seater corner couch fits the brief with flair.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that smaller spaces require smaller couches. A 5 or 6-seater couch makes small spaces appear more spacious by taking advantage of corners, making good use of every centimetre of space. As long as it fits, a larger couch gives the illusion of more space. Avoid crowding out an already compact room with multiple couches to make the room feel more claustrophobic. 

A family enjoys the versatility of a corner couch

#2 Enhanced comfort & relaxation

Couches are made for relaxation. After a long day, a comfy couch becomes the perfect spot to kick off your shoes, pour a drink and recline. 

Our advice is: the bigger the better. Don’t be cramped up on a single seater with little room to breathe or stretch out your legs. And if you’re tall and want to take a mid-afternoon nap on a couch, you don’t want a 2-seater that necessitates a lot of curling up for comfort. The practical answer for a variety of scenarios is a 5 or 6-seater couch. 

Not only will it accommodate the crowds at a family gathering, but when the guests are gone, it provides ample room for them to stretch out and experience the comfort and support you need after a hard day.

Whether you want to sit, nap, chat, read, watch TV or lounge around, the larger 5 or 6-seater couches fit your requirements to the ‘t’. 

#3 Ample seating for all

No matter if you’re kitting out a large mansion or compact 1-bedroom apartment, the corner couch does the most to accommodate guests. 

If you are hosting a movie night with friends or a family gathering with a few added extras, the 6-seater couch gives each guest ample room to recline and relax without feeling too squashed. 

There’s also no need for unnecessary intimacy with long lost aunts and uncles. And no need for guests to need to opt for a spot on the floor when mealtime arrives.

6-seater couches are brilliant options for living room spaces big and small

#4 A functional focal point

Larger couches have a visual impact that can’t be ignored. They function as a centrepiece in your living room, drawing eyes into an ample space for relaxation and leisure. And if you choose to purchase one of the 5 or 6-seater couches at Recliner Online, you’ll be sure to select a designer option that ticks all your comfort, style and luxury requirements. 

We have the following timeless options on offer:

  • Calgan has 3 options in their Ella range. The first is a 6-seater corner 2-action recliner suite. (Buy it and get a free single-seater recliner to the value of R5 895 to fit the same room or as a comfy seating alternative in the bedroom or entrance hall). The second is a 5-seater Ella unit with 1 action recliner unit with chaise and console. The third is similar to the second but is a 6-seater couch option with the same luxurious features.
  • Alpine has a luxurious and classical Allandale 5-seater corner couch option, with neat and clean lines. It combines a modern and classic appeal that leaves a long-lasting impression and warranty. 
  • Wanting to take your movie night to the next level? Why not invest in a 5-seater or 6-seater home theatre couch option (with cupholders), bringing the cinema comforts to your lounge? 

#5 A social entertainment hub

Looking to create a more sociable seating area? L-shaped corner couches provide room for guests to face each other instead of being huddled together facing in the same direction. 

Plus, guests don’t need to raise their voices to get a message across the room between couches. A larger 5 or 6-seater couch makes for a more inviting, warm and intimate entertainment space to host guests of all shapes, sizes and ages (including a couple of furry friends).

There's plenty of room for the whole family on a 6-seater corner couch

Find the ideal 5 or 6-seater couch solution at Recliner Online

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