Corner couches are always on trend

Corner couches are always on trend for small and large living spaces

If you had to ask interior designers what their favourite investment seating piece of furniture is, a sectional sofa or corner couch is likely to be pretty high on the list. The reason is simple: their stylish functionality makes them the logical solution for smaller spaces yet also an ideal choice for larger open-plan spaces. And when it comes to your personal decor choice, they definitely make a room – no matter what your aesthetic. 

The L-shaped seating configuration of a corner couch – in leather or upholstered in fabric – offers up the perfect comfy seating solution; ensuring there is room for ‘everyone.’

From cosying up in front of a fireplace or stretching out for movie night to hosting a book club or just catching up with friends, the popularity of a sectional sofa is unlikely to start waning. So love the space you’re in by investing in the stylish practicality of a  corner couch. 

Embrace your smaller living space 

A sofa or settee is a longer-term, big-budget item. This is where the choice of a corner couch comes up trumps in smaller urban apartments. These space-savvy sectional sofas are designed to fit perfectly in the corner of a room, allowing you to maximize your living space as well as contributing to optimal comfort. 

When floor space is at a premium, space-saving corner couches, with their smaller footprint, will always be the decor winner. 

Corner couches - upholstered or in leather -  fit perfectly in smaller spaces

Designed with comfort in mind, the versatility of these couches also extends to making them great for entertaining. And with so many options to choose from, there is an L-shaped sofa to fit your smaller space, your decor style and your budget. 

The undeniable flexibility and longevity of corner couches make them a worthwhile investment as they can adapt to your changing lifestyle and family needs and be used in future settings. 

Spread out in your larger open-plan space 

Open-plan living is a much-loved architectural lifestyle feature, but still calls for ‘separate’ spaces. Corner couches allow you to play and be creative with the layout of your rooms. Cleverly positioning an L-shaped sofa enables you to divide a larger open-plan space into distinct zones, creating a sense of distinction without the need for walls or partitions.

Modern interiors celebrate open-plan spaces, and corner couches effortlessly fit into these layouts, acting as a seamless transition between different functional areas. They also provide a sense of definition and purpose to each space while maintaining an overall cohesive look. 

Large open-plan living spaces are crying our for a corner couch or L-shaped sofa to define zones

It is in these open spaces that ​​a well-placed sectional sofa immediately serves as a socialising magnet and the focal point of the room. Their eye-catching designs and comfortable seating options effortlessly draw attention and will easily become the centrepiece of the space. And if you have a designated family room or TV room, then you may want to go all out with a leather recliner corner suite option

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