Calling all couch potatoes! Recliner Online is your one-stop couch-shopping solution

Relax on Recliner Online's range of quality couches and recliner armchairs

You may be a ‘worker bee’ by day and a ‘couch potato’ by night, a gown-wearing, voice-only WFH Google Meet participant or a retiree making up for lost time watching MotoGP or Friends reruns on repeat. Whatever your lifestyle, you need a comfortable, trendy and quality couch to help you unwind and relax. And no matter whether you’re on the lookout for a leather couch, 2-seater, 3-seater, corner couch or recliner armchair, Recliner Online is your trusted versatile couch-shopping destination.

While our name may appear to put a cap on the type of sofas we sell, simply clicking through to our website will open up a myriad of couch possibilities. From top-of-the-range recliner chair brands to a variety of stylish non-motion couches (including options like the 2-seater couch, 3-seater couch and trendy corner couch) and even leather couches and lounge suites. 

Stop what you’re doing and jump online to view our customisable range to suit any interior taste!

Let’s unpack our 3 irresistible couch-shopping options:

#1 Relaxing recliners

There’s no better way to say ‘ahhh’ after a long day at the office than putting your feet up on an iconic recliner chair

Decked out with snug cushioning, spacious seating and stylish designs, these historic armchairs have evolved to become trend-setting couch options for contemporary and traditional homes. 

Hunting high and low for top brands becomes a problem of the past with the number of options on offer at Recliner Online. 

Our trusted brands are as follows:

  1. Grafton Everest

A brand showcasing an old school reputation of quality craftsmanship built over six decades and known for its durability, comfort and style. The corner couch or 3-piece lounge suite options give you a versatility of choice as you furnish your interior in style. Available in leather, leather upper and fabric in a number of colours.

  1. Calgan Recliners

This top local manufacturer and supplier of recliners and recliner lounge suites has been in business for over 25 years, decorating local homes with quality, hand-crafted lounge furniture. With a range of corner recliners, recliner lounge suits, 3-seater recliner, 2-seater recliner and single recliner armchairs to choose from, you’ll struggle to pick just one.

A woman reads a book on a comfortable recliner chair

  1. Alpine

First crafted in 1969, Alpine has grown a reputation in producing high-quality, upmarket lounge furniture. Sold in a range of styles and finishes including single recliner couches, recliner lounge suites and corner couches.

  1. Gommagomma

Trusted since 1988, Gommagomma have a range of couches and recliners known for their workmanship and lasting quality. Shop their range of recliner lounge suites or corner units at Recliner Online.

#2 Comfy couches

Contrary to popular opinion, Recliner Online also stocks a number of non-motion couches. Sold in a variety of styles, sizes and finishes to suit your interior theme and requirements. 

In search of a 2-seater couch, 3-seater couch, non-motion corner couch or retro single arm chair? Recliner Online has got you covered with our trendy Gommagomma long-lasting range of quality couches. Sold in a number of colours, you get to pick the couch that suits your style or you can go bold with trending shades that will be sure to pop in a monotone modern interior. (Either way, the wow factor and comfort factor are guaranteed).

With price points to suit every customer’s budget and quality material that’s built to last, why not shop non-motion couches with us?

A couple play video games on a comfy 2-seater couch

#3 Luxurious leather

Synonymous with style, luxury and longevity, leather has been the material of choice for couch-shopping consumers for generations. When you purchase a leather couch or recliner, you can look forward to a durable, comfortable, hypo-allergenic, stain-resistant, stylish and versatile seating solution.

A family reclines on a comfortable leather corner couch

Built to stand the test of time, leather couches, corner units or recliners purchased at Recliner Online are given a warranty stamp of approval to back up their claims. 

When you invest in these timeless leather seats, you can simply sit back and relax, knowing you’ve made a solid investment. 

From sloppy couch potatoes to refined trend-setters, Recliner Online has the couch to suit your lifestyle, decor style and budget.