5 Reasons to add a recliner lounge suite to your decor bucket list

Reason to invest in a recliner lounge suite

You won’t have travelled long on your ‘adulting’ journey before realising a lounge suite is a must-have. (The dorm-room bean bag will, unfortunately, finally have to be tossed). Priorities in choosing a lounge suite will vary, but comfort and quality should never be compromised if you want to ‘have and hold’ for more than a few years. And with remote or hybrid models revolutionising our approach to work, you may not have the renovation budget to add a study to your home or apartment, but adding a recliner lounge suite – with multiple configurations and versatility – easily ranks as one of the best decor, budget and lifestyle investments you are likely to make.  

We have been in the industry long enough to know that a recliner lounge suite is a firm South African favourite and we have spoken much of their contribution to the comfort of modern living.

Here’s our short list of why recliner lounge suites have such a glowing reputation in homes across the world:

(You will notice that we have gone the ‘reverse psychology’ route with our blog images to unequivocally hone in on why a recliner is such a functional and necessary furniture alternative). And because a picture speaks a thousand words, we have deliberately not made this blog too wordy! 😉

#1 Super-versatile configurations

Just had your bond approved for your first studio apartment or bachelor pad? Or perhaps you’ve climbed the property ladder and are now enjoying the convenience of two living areas. Whatever the context,  recliner solutions should feature on your shopping list as they come in 1-seater, 2-seater, 3-seater., 5-seater and 6-seater configurations as well as corner units and home theatre options (for when you are really grown up). 😉 We believe sitting really close together on a couch should be a romantic decision and not because of space constraints. 

THe spacious versatility of a recliner lounge suite

#2 Undeniable comfort features

Multiple reclining levels for just putting your feet up, luxurious padding in all the right places, additional lumbar and neck support to just sit back and relax and convenient armrests – with optional storage compartments – make recliners a beloved and timeless go-to for any home. And from a WFH perspective, you can comfortably work on your laptop; positioning a recliner lounge suite as a legitimate excuse to ’lounge around’ and still get your work done. 

The comfort features of a recliner lounge suite

#3 Ergonomic postural benefits

The hype around the health and postural benefits of recliners cannot be refuted. Need relief from muscle strain? Want to increase your blood flow and circulation?  Struggling with lumbar and neck support when seated for long periods of time? Finding it difficult to arise from a couch because of its low height? The iconic recliner lounge suite options untick all these boxes.

The postural benefits of a recliner lounge suite

#4 Unmatched relaxation options

A work-life balance always factors in periods of downtime, mindfulness and relaxation. From a marathon movie night with the girls, or the guys coming over to watch Formula 1, soccer, rugby, boxing or cricket to curling up with your favourite book or just taking a power nap, there is no piece of furniture that fits the bill better than a recliner. 

Sit back, relax and read our blog on how recliners can legitimately help you achieve (some of) your life goals.

A recliner offers the ultimate in relaxation options

#5 Long-term lifestyle solutions 

The man cave may, over time, morph into the nursery. (Recliner chairs are the best for breastfeeding moms and snuggling with little ones). The ‘adult’ living room space is likely to evolve into the family room. (You will need to accommodate kids, friends and pets). The garage may need to be converted into a granny flat to accommodate ageing parents.

In each of these scenarios, some version of recliners is the ultimate solution to matching your current and future lifestyle needs.

The timelessness of recliners suite suit all life stages + pregnant woman

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We don’t believe you need more convincing. We are hoping our images and words have been persuasive enough to motivate you to sit on your uncomfortable current chair or bean bag – hopefully for the last time – and simply click here to shop all our proudly South African brands and ranges of recliner lounge suite options.  

And if you find the same recliner chair, couch or suite cheaper anywhere else, we promise we will beat that price! 

We have nothing more to say except to invite you to shop now and take advantage of our current specials.