6 Reasons to buy a leather couch or recliner 

A couple celebrates a special occasion on a leather recliner

Who doesn’t love the look, smell and feel of leather? Synonymous with luxury, style and longevity, it is on most people’s wish lists when considering seating choices for their homes. So, when you are weighing up the options in your search for a quality couch or recliner, leather is a timeless, sought-after, value-for-money solution. At ReclinerOnline we have the widest selection of leather couches and recliners to suit your lifestyle, budget and space requirements. 

While full leather and leather upper couches or recliners are bound to have a higher price tag than their fabric upholstery counterparts, we want to highlight 6 reasons why leather is a worthwhile investment:

#1 It’s durable

Ever wondered why you see the same leather couch in your grandmother’s home that was featured in your childhood photos 20 years ago? Leather couches are built to last. And while you may not want to style your home in the same way as your gran, leather couches have evolved in the design world to fit contemporary and modern spaces alike. 

The secret to leather’s strength is the long tight fibres that contain natural collagen enabling it to withstand a lot of wear and tear while maintaining its classy appearance. 

#2 It’s comfortable

Your couch or recliner is the best place to kick back, relax and put your feet up after a long, hard day of work (similar to a lounge-worthy hammock). 

And whether you’re looking to slouch into a comfy La-Z-Boy, cuddle up on a 2-seater couch or host the whole family for a movie night on a corner couch, leather is the material best suited to give you a 5-star relaxation experience.

A boy watches TV while relaxing on a leather corner couch recliner

Soft and supple, with natural fibres that help it retain its shape, leather couches are known to be supportive, revitalising and extremely comfortable.

#3 It’s hypo-allergenic

When every molecule of pollen and dust is bound to make you sneeze and you’re tired of giving your couch a weekly clean, perhaps it’s time to consider a leather alternative.

In contrast to fabric upholstery that traps dust mites, creates a capture site for dog hair, dirt and dust, leather couches repel these allergens. (Talk about finding the perfect couch or recliner for allergy-sufferers).

Odours from pets, cigarette smoke or a warm winter fire often cling to upholstery furniture, making for an uninviting aroma for guests. The beauty of leather furniture is that the smells do not penetrate the hide. 

#4 It’s stain-resistant

Whether you’ve got a toddler that loves to roll in the mud and then climb all over your furniture or you crave a spicy chicken curry while bingeing your favourite series, sofas that form part of lived-in spaces are bound to get dirty.

While choosing a darker, hard-wearing fabric might conceal many tomato sauce, wine and khoki stains, selecting a leather couch is definitely a long-term hassle-free solution.

A man watches the game on a comfortable leather couch recliner

Leather not only repels dust mites and allergens but most food and beverage spills can be removed with a simple wipe with a damp cloth. Discovered a few popcorn kernels or pet hairs that have fallen between the cushions? No worries. A quick vacuum will remove the aggravating crumbs. 

And if your miniature Pinscher has scuffed the leather as she leapt off the couch to bark at the bird outside, a quick buff and the blemishes can be removed. 

#5 It’s stylish 

Despite the fact that the recliner has been around since the 1880s, and the leather couch dates back to as early as the 7th century B.C., these furniture pieces have never lost their aesthetic appeal.

As interior decor trends have taken off in the last few decades, leather couches and recliners haven’t fallen off the radar. 

Being aware that a sizable sofa will be the hero piece of almost any room, homeowners must be aware of the room’s proportions, the couch or recliner’s placement to suit the room’s overall aesthetic and function as well as the ultimate purpose of the space, (Read more of our interior design tips for adding a recliner to your space).

#6 It’s versatile

Looking for a classic, cushy recliner couch for your man cave, a sizable leather corner couch to entertain the family or a 2-seater, 3-seater, 5-seater or even a 6-seater couch to serve your needs? You will be amazed at the options out there, and finding a suitable leather couch to do the trick will leave you spoilt for choice.  (Not to mention a variety of leather colour options to match your preferences).

From a stylish, chic Calgan recliner, cushy Grafton Everest suite or upmarket Alpine sofa, ReclinerOnline has the brands and range to keep up with the ‘Jones’, Mthembus’ and the ‘Van Niekerks’.

Invest in leather at ReclinerOnline

If our list above hasn’t made you rush online to view our latest offers on loads of leather couches and recliners, then perhaps a visit to one of our 16 convenient pop-up showrooms across Gauteng will sweeten the deal.

At ReclinerOnline, we are all about bringing our customers quality, locally-manufactured luxury seating solutions. With secure online shopping and flexible payment options, our leather couches are destined to shape your home for years to come.

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