How Reclineronline helps you achieve (some of) your lifestyle goals

How reclineronline helps you achieve some of your lifestyle goals

As human beings, we are bombarded with incessant motivational messages and life coaching Meta reels on how to improve our physical well-being, manage our mental health and adopt overall lifestyle habits that will create a purposeful, balanced and happy existence. 

At Reclineronline, we are here to simplify this noise and offer a practical solution to assist you in achieving what we believe should be your priority lifestyle goals. And they all flow from the basic philosophy of putting your feet up, sitting back and relaxing.  

Goal #1  Look after your postural health

Unless you happen to be Elastigirl, backache and neck strain are two of the foremost health complaints for ALL ages. Our sedentary, screen-focused lifestyles are one of the contributing factors, so it may be surprising that our advice to look after your postural health has a lot to do with adding seating – in the form of a recliner – to your wishlist. We covered all the health and postural benefits of putting your feet up in this blog. (Sit back and give it a read).

Goal #2 Leverage the power of the power nap

The power of a 20-30 minute power nap during your working day is likely to reap one or more of the following benefits:

  • Enhanced mental alertness 
  • Improved concentration levels  
  • Lowered stress levels 
  • Increased Physical energy

“Bosses should sanction the nap rather than expect workers to power on all day without repose. They might even find that workers’ happiness – or what management types refer to as ‘employee satisfaction results’ – might improve” British writer, Tom Hodgkinson

The power or a power nap on a recliner or leather corner couch

The fact that hybrid working and WFH (work from home) practices are here to stay, doesn’t mean that this practice should be shirked. Exchanging the office for home and taking ‘40 winks’ on a recliner suite (being mindful of goal #1)  or leather couch in the early afternoon will make you more productive, calmer and happier. We call that a ‘win-win-win’ outcome. 

Goal #3 Commit to reading more

Reading habits are all about relaxation, gaining knowledge, improving your focus and mental health, tapping into your emotional intelligence and optimising your memory skills. And what better way to embark on a daily reading journey than in a comfy recliner or on a corner leather suite?

And if you really want to pair comfort with luxury and style when you curl up with the latest bestseller, we cannot think of anything prettier than our Onyx single chair or Onyx 3-seater couch with chaise. (Choose from 5 contemporary velvety shades).

Goal #4 Spend more time with the kids

Connecting with your kids is an investment of time that is invaluable. And one of the ways to do this is family movie night or game night. Whether you have a designated home theatre room with recliner options or a corner lounging option, everyone can fit – even the furry members of the family. 

These bonding moments come free when you decide to purchase any of the leather couches or recliner suites from one of our locally manufactured brands. 

Family bonding time on a corner unit couch

Goal #5 Socialise more with friends

Socialising more is probably one of the current top resolutions on most people’s lists when trying to prioritise a healthy work-life balance. Corner couches facilitate a natural conversational seating arrangement and leather recliners are the perfect way to host watching Saturday sports games on the big screen in your ‘man-cave.’ 

Reclineronline makes the choice of furniture layout solutions accessible and affordable for you – no matter what the size of your space and no matter how many friends decide to drop in.

Goal #6 Redecorate your living space

A change is as good as a holiday and just changing up your living room furniture – here at Reclineronline – will not only transform your home, but it will also help you achieve all the above lifestyle goals. 

Browse all our brands and ranges to find the perfect configuration to fit your home and lifestyle.