Get that ‘hammock’ feeling from a recliner

Get that hammock feeling from a recliner

A hammock is made for sleeping, lounging and reclining. Sounds pretty similar to the purpose of a recliner. A hammock supports and relieves the pressure on your back. Once again, a recliner ticks the same postural boxes. Hammocks are also known to calm your mind and ease your muscles. You guessed it – the reason recliner chairs are so popular is for the same reason; there are even ones that rock. But here is where recliner couches step into the decor gap; you are unlikely to hang one or more hammocks in your living room as a design statement – especially if you are considering your entire family.

The argument is pretty obvious: if you want that ‘hammock’ feeling in your home at the end of a long day to sit back and put your feet up, soothe a niggly baby, catch up on Netflix or snuggle up to read to your kiddies, then a recliner – not a hammock – is the piece of furniture you need to invest in. And whereas a hammock is generally made for one – recliners come in all shapes, sizes and configurations with suites ready to accommodate up to 6 and multi-functional corner units fitting 5 or more. (Some even include a nifty storage compartment to pop your glass of wine or cup of coffee; a glaring omission in a hammock).

In case you need further persuading – here are 5 relaxation and postural benefits of a recliner:

#1 Put your feet up

The health benefits of putting your feet up after a busy and stressful day are well documented; you are relieving pressure from your legs and feet, allowing your muscles to relax from gravity’s daily strain. Recliners offer this much-needed support from different angles. 

#2 Sit back

Our sedentary lives in front of computers or travelling in the car wreak havoc with our backs and necks. And yes, a physio appointment or massage will always bring a measure of relief. But what if you could reduce some of the pressure on your spine – every day – just by lying back in a recliner and easing the muscle tension and relieving the pain? 

The design options and lumbar support of recliners provide an ideal biomechanical position to support your back, neck and head and are exactly what the doctor (or chiropractor) ordered. 

#3 Get the blood flowing

Unless you are prostrate in bed, gravity is constantly pulling down on your body, putting extra pressure on your heart to pump and circulate blood. But sitting back in a recliner allows gravity to be distributed across your body instead of downwards to your feet as well as preventing fluid retention which mitigates against swollen ankles and feet. Your body deserves this reprieve. 

#4 Breathe deeply

Who would have thought that reclining in a recliner would help you breathe a little better? The ‘laidback’  angle of these comfy chairs actually relaxes and opens up your diaphragm helping you to breathe more easily. This type of deeper breathing is wonderful for your sympathetic nervous system. All that’s left to do is to close your eyes and visualise you are in a hammock in the mountains or swaying between two palm trees on an island escape. 

#5 Be kind to yourself

Getting older often impacts our mobility, and getting in and out of a chair may become a challenge. The height and overall support and cushioning of recliner chairs and couches are a great solution to this obstacle. But even if you have youth on your side, the relaxation, comfort and de-stressing benefits of a recliner – for any stage of your life – make them a functional solution and design winner in every household. 


The comfort and versatility of a recliner are not up for debate; they are iconic and loved by all. And now that we have added 5 health benefits to the list, you are probably wanting to rush out and buy one. We think that’s a good idea, especially if you visit us online and browse our quality brands and ranges. There is the perfect recliner option to suit your family, your lounge, your man cave or your home theatre. 

That ‘hammock’ feeling is simply a click away!

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