4 Considerations before buying a recliner

couple lounge on a recliner

There’s nothing better than sitting back and relaxing in a recliner armchair at the end of a stressful day. As your back and bottom hit the cushioned upholstery, the pressure on your legs and feet begins to release, the aches and pains of the day start to fade away and the stresses of a long work week dwindle into a distant memory. You’re sold on the decision to invest in a recliner, but with so many options available and questions to weigh up in your mind, how will you decide on which chair to splurge on?

At ReclinerOnline, we’re in the business of matching people with the ideal recliner to suit their needs, lifestyle and budget. 

Consider the following 4 factors before making the easy click to add a recliner to your cart:

#1 Budget constraints

With our tough economic climate and the rising cost of living, it’s even more important to make smart, prudent financial decisions and invest in furniture options that are built to last.

Purchasing a trendy (but poorer quality) recliner suite that may fall apart after a few family gatherings, will not only impact your bank balance but will also leave your lounge without comfy seating. 

At ReclinerOnline, quality is our commitment. All of our recliner ranges are locally manufactured and built to last using only the best fabrics, dyes and parts available. And our flexible payment options mean you never have to say ‘no’ to your dream recliner.

#2 Space limitations

Gone are the days of only investing in a recliner to kick back with a newspaper. Recliners have evolved and adapted to fit into nearly every room of your home – from an enclosed patio to your office desk, nursing room or entrance hall.

When selecting a recliner, begin by assessing the size, shape and function of your room. Take measurements and determine what recliner will fit best within your space.

Bear in mind that because recliners lean back and have foot rests, you need to factor this into your space without feeling confined or bumping walls, coffee tables or other furniture.

ignite the romance with a quality leather recliner

Our range of single recliners, corner units, 2-seater, 3-seater, 5-seater, 6-seater and lounge suites, give you the assurance that you’ll find the perfect fit for your house

or compact apartment.

Top tip: Evaluate the type of recliner that works best with your body in order to provide optimal comfort. The better the chair can conform to the shape and size of your physique, the better it will function to take pressure off your muscles and joints.

All our recliners are displayed online with height, depth and width dimensions so you can position them perfectly in your space. 

#3 Upholstery options

The colour and material you choose to adorn your recliner will either set the style or need to complement the design aesthetic of whatever room it is placed in.

With almost all the colours of the rainbow and material options to suit your bottom line, there won’t be a need to search any further than ReclinerOnline.

Many of our top sellers are available in full genuine leather, leather upper, leather look, suede or fabric alternatives. The choice is up to you. 

We offer a range of recliners from trusted South African brands including Calgan, Grafton Everest and Gomma Gomma, with decades of experience in producing top-quality products.

Whatever material finish you decide on, we can advise you on how best to care for the upholstery to ensure its longevity.

#4 Feature preferences

There’s something special about the added comfort of having a cup holder to rest your beer, coffee or remotes in while you Netflix and chill (there’ll be no need to get up for a while).

And if you don’t use the recliner for the stereotypical purpose of switching on the TV, perhaps you’ll make use of the handy storage pouch for keeping your favourite read. 

Recliners are renowned for their luxurious comfort features including cup holders, motorised recline, consoles, storage and more.

recliners have a number of nifty features for added comfort

When it comes to selecting the recliner that best works for your home, having the added bonus of one or two comfort features will definitely help seal the deal.

Before kicking back and clicking ‘add to cart’, make sure you assess all the features on our customisable recliners. 

All this and more at your fingertips at ReclinerOnline

At ReclinerOnline, we have the brands to suit your taste, prices to suit your pocket and seating to suit your home!

Our recliners are backed by warranties for your peace of mind. With a 5-year guarantee on the recliner mechanism, a 3-year guarantee on the frame and a 2-year guarantee on the workmanship, stitching and foam, you’ll be sure to make a savvy decision at ReclinerOnline.

The easy-to-use, safe and secure checkout and trustworthy delivery service mean that stress and worry become a thing of the past.

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