The movie or the book? You can do both on a corner couch

Leather corner couch

When it comes to the ‘Lord of the Rings,’ ‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘Harry Potter,’ ‘Pride and Prejudice,’ or ‘Where the Crawdads Sing,’ the age-old debate of which is better – the movie or the book? – can finally be laid to rest. This is all thanks to recliners; single recliners, recliner suites or the ever-trending corner couch (leather or upholstered). 

The corner sofa (aka an L-shaped couch or modular sofa) has become a go-to decor seating option in contemporary living and modern spaces. Who doesn’t want one? The surprising ‘space saving’ features of a corner couch (with built-in recliner and chaise options) are all about style, comfort, sociability and, of course, the ultimate spoil for reading books and watching movies. 

Recliner leather corner suite

Obviously, as an online store selling recliners in all shapes and sizes, we are particularly partial to recliners, but we have been in the business long enough to know that the iconic recliner is loved by all.

The caveat you have to be aware of when considering a corner couch-cum-recliner solution is that these sofa furniture options do not blend in. Despite their corner design and positioning against a wall (unless you have a large open plan area), they become the centrepiece in any space. This certainly justifies investing in one.

As bold, modular hero pieces, it makes absolute sense that you would go all out and choose a reclining corner couch option for its design benefits and functional versatility. 

A savvy space-saver 

At first glance, a corner couch is bigger in terms of the amount of floor space it takes up. But, it offers more seating in return for its footprint. And for maximising guest space, they are a really efficient design option. 

Arrange a conventional ‘lounge suite’ – 3-seater couch, 2-seater couch and single chair – in the same configuration as an L-shaped corner suite and you are taking up way more floor space as well as ending up with a couple of corners of dead space. This is the primary motivation for considering corner suites in smaller living areas. 

Recliner corner couch with chaise

It also means that when it comes to ‘movie night’ or simply watching Saturday rugby or your favourite show every evening, the whole family can pile together on these 5/6 seater corner couches. This is also where leather options come up trumps as they are durable, low maintenance and so stylish. 

A socialising magnet

A comfy corner sofa (with a chaise) is an invitation for all ages to chill and chat. The design of any modular corner unit highlights ‘connectedness’ with fewer armrests acting as ‘dividers.’ The perpendicular layout is also ideal for the practical and user-friendly placement of a coffee table in the room. 

Sectional sofas fit space considerations and socialising brief when one considers the design of smaller modern homes featuring open-plan kitchen, dining and living spaces. These couches maximise the flow-through space; making your home feel bigger without anyone feeling disconnected. 

Leather corner couch and recliner benefits

From a relaxed and conversational arrangement to simply stretching out (with a book or the remote), corner couches and recliner suites once again up the ante for movie nights or any social gathering where sitting back and relaxing is a must. 

And if a friend does need to crash for the night (after a night of socialising), or if you fall asleep while reading, a corner reclining sofa saves the day. And thanks to their built-in postural benefits, you are guaranteed a good night’s sleep. (A way better alternative to a sleeper couch).

A corner couch at Recliner Online

A simple online solution

Ticking all your boxes when it comes to choosing a sofa is as simple as browsing our range of locally manufactured corner couches at Recliner Online (complete with storage options, console options and cup holders). 

  • Comfort for watching movies?✔️
  • Inviting friends over to chat over coffee or a glass of wine?✔️
  • Cosy up with a book? ✔️
  • Impromptu sleeper couch? ✔️
  • Functional space-saving setup for all spaces?✔️

Simply translated, in our book, corner couches get 5 stars! Choose your perfect configuration and design.

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