Interior design tips for adding a recliner to your space

Recliner design tips

Comfort has won out in the couch wars and your new 1-seater, 3-seater or 6-seater recliner is on its way. Now what? Will it actually fit in your space and will it complement your overall design aesthetic? There is no denying that the design philosophy of these big bulky pieces of furniture poses a challenge to a room’s layout. 

A comfy recliner is a big piece of furniture and a big investment. It also offers you years of comfortable seating for the whole family at different seasons of life; quickly becoming an item that brings families together. But getting them to fit seamlessly in a space is not so easy. 

Design trends and decor principles inform how to add stylish personality to a space and these should not be overlooked just because you are adding a recliner. 

The proportions of the room

Proportion is the first consideration before ordering any recliner for your home. Being mindful of the size of your space will help you to buy wisely. 

A small lounge is not going to comfortably showcase a large 6-seater corner unit. But a 1-seater recliner – in a neutral shade – is a comfy solution in this setting. Then let your inner design inspiration have fun with decor elements and soft furnishings – decorative throws and cushions – that will bring the whole scheme together. A smaller couch or a couple of occasional chairs will also prevent the recliner from becoming an oversized and dominant feature in a small room. 

2-seater recliner couch

If you have a larger area, then you have more options when it comes to comfortable seating and can add the 2, 3, 5 or 6-seater recliner suite options which are ideal for families. From a design point of view, these naturally become the hero pieces in the room and so offsetting them with side tables, lamps, coffee tables and decorative pieces makes them feel at home in the space and creates a cohesiveness that makes sense. 

The placement of a recliner in the room

The large profile of recliners means that their placement in a room should be balanced with the other furniture pieces. Their size tends to make a room feel lopsided, so to create a visual counterbalance and design harmony, they need to be placed across from another visual element – a chest of draws, a tall pot plant, a coffee table, a piece of art or a bookcase. A large rug can also help to visually balance and anchor the room. 

Design tips for placing a recliner in a small room

In a smaller room, the best way to accommodate a recliner is to angle it in the corner.  It is also worth remembering that when placing your recliner, they generally need about 30 cm clearance from a wall or another piece of furniture to fully recline. 

The purpose of the room

Certain spaces in a home are crying out for a recliner. Adding one (or more) to a man cave, home theatre or family room just makes sense. 

  • The man cave: The ever-desirable man cave is one space where the showpiece of the room is obviously the single leather recliner! Its sole purpose is to be the envy of your mates as the comfort icon for chilling out with a beer while watching sports. The fact that it happens to look really good is an added bonus. 
SIngle recliner for a man cave

  • The home theatre room: Clearly a want and not a need, a home theatre room is a luxury space. If you have one, this is clearly what recliners were made for and there are a range of options for you to consider for those memorable movie night experiences. The main feature may well be the large screen and the surround sound system, but the seating comes a close second. The central console features and motorized reclining options mean movie night will always be at your place. 
  • The family room: Movie night doesn’t need a home theatre, it just needs a casual TV room with a large recliner that the entire family can fit on. Depending on the size of your family (and the size of your space), you are spoilt for choice: from a 3-seater to a corner unit where the whole family and the dog can fit. Recliners in family rooms are also a natural invite for sitting back and relaxing, reading your novel or just enjoying a nightcap. 

6-seater corner unit recliner couch

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Recliners will always tick the ‘function’ and ‘comfort’ boxes of interior design. And with the evolution of furniture design, they are certainly ticking the ‘form’ box as well. Choose from a wide selection of classic and exotic leather or fabric options. 

Comfortable seating is one of the best investments to make for your home and your lifestyle. 

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