Choose the perfect recliner to suit your lifestyle

Corner unit recliner

‘Working 9 to 5, what a way to make a living’, sang Dolly Parton back in 1980. While some things have changed – like working from home and working online – some things have stayed the same – like wanting to slump onto a recliner at the end of a long, hard day. We are also convinced that balancing rest and leisure (cue the recliner) with climbing the corporate ladder in the 21 st century is what living your best life is all about. 

You only live once (YOLO, as Gen Z would say), so why not do it in comfort (and style) in your own home? For comfort in every life stage, there’s a recliner to provide you with optimal, re-energising support. 

Whether you’re looking for a 2-seater love seat recliner, a corner unit so that the whole family can watch TV together or a trendy gaming chair, Recliner Online has top-quality loungers to suit your pocket and brands to suit your taste: 

#1 Game in comfort

We may not be up on all the current online gaming terms and lingo, but we can give you the edge over your gaming rivals with an ergonomically-designed gaming chair. Never strain your neck or back again while playing Call of Duty, Fortnite or DOTA.. Rather immerse yourself in the game by investing in a stylish Defiant gaming chair. Manufactured in South Africa, these chairs – with headrests, lumbar support and adjustable armrests – offer all the comfort and flexibility you need to enter the real-world dynamics of a virtual world. 

#2 Recline in luxury

From singles who love binge-watching Netflix with a bowl of microwave popcorn, to a new mom trying to figure out a comfortable breastfeeding position, Recliner Online has the perfect single-seater to suit your needs. Our plush and cosy single recliners mean that you can opt to be like Friends characters Chandler and Joey and order Uber Eats from your recliner or simply relax while feeding your bundle of joy after a sleepless night. 

Just received the latest bestseller on your Goodreads wishlist? Our recliners have high backrests for extra support and firm seating for luxurious comfort. 

Single-seater reclincer

#3 Cuddle up in ‘recliner’ style

Want to switch on a rom-com, get out a cosy blanket and stay home for a date night? We have the ideal recliner to shed a tear on while watching Silver Linings Playbook or rolling on the couch laughing with Adam Sandler. Our 2-seater or 3-seater recliners offer enough leg room and ample snuggle space to light up the romance.

2-seater recliner

#4 Welcome your friends in sophistication

Call all your buddies, because there’s a spot for them on your recliner suite or corner recliner to watch the game. (We’re talking space for six or more plus a 6-pack of beers). Scream for your team or shout at the ref in comfort.  

Treat your local book club to a catch-up session with lively conversation and drinks. Our recliners have a convenient spot to place your wine glass (or mug of chai) while sharing insights from inspiring reads. 

(And if your guests do happen to spill a drink, we have some helpful tips to keep your couch in tip-top shape). 

#5 Host movie night ‘in-house’ 

Thanks to our Caligan home theatre recliners – in plush leather-look red or black – anyone can have a movie theatre experience from their lounge. We guarantee a unique viewpoint as you engage with the love story of the Titanic or the action-packed adventure of James Bond. Why queue at the cinema when you can host all your friends for a night of non-stop entertainment with a top-quality home theatre recliner?

Buy a recliner in any shape or size

Whatever life stage you’re at, Recliner Online collaborates with local manufacturers to bring you premium products. Our variety of upholstery colours and finishes means that you can tailor your recliner based on your personal preferences and pocket. With our trustworthy delivery service, your customised order will be delivered and assembled at your home at your convenience.

Just click, kick back and put your feet up in comfort.