Top tips to keep your recliner clean

Recliner cleaning tips

You’ve recently purchased a comfy set of recliners and invited some friends over to watch the Bokke. With beers and biltong in hand, all eyes are glued to the screen as Siya Kolisi passes the ball to Makazole Mapimpi who is headed for the try line. The mood in the room is tense as everyone awaits the outcome. Before the try is even scored, your best friend knocks his Castle Lite all over your recliner. Now you can barely concentrate on the game as you wonder what will become of your recent purchase.

At Reclineronline, we come to the rescue with a few helpful cleaning tips to keep your recliner (whether its leather, suede or other fabric) in tip-top condition so you can get back to putting your feet up while you enjoy the game – or whatever else you do in your favourite chair:

#1 Minor spots and spills

Whether it’s a drink that you’ve knocked over, some regurgitation after feeding your bundle of joy or your disobedient dog who decided to hop onto your recliner with dirty paws, some stains need immediate attention.

Cleaning minor spots on a leather  or fabric recliner

When it comes to cleaning leather, wipe any excess liquid immediately using a clean, absorbent cloth or sponge. For more serious stains, use a lightly moistened cloth with lukewarm water and then let it air-dry naturally. If using water, clean the whole area where the spot occurred.

On upholstery fabrics, avoid rubbing the spill but instead blot the area to remove the liquid without allowing it to seep into the fabric. Only use a white cloth or paper towel as coloured cloths can transfer colour onto your recliner resulting in an even larger stain.

#2 Accumulated dirt

For more serious stains on your leather recliner, first test the leather using a damp cloth in an inconspicuous place to make sure that it does not absorb the water. If absorption occurs, rather use a dry cloth. If not, use a slightly damp cloth to wipe the surface.

If it is butter, oil and greasy stains, wipe excess dirt with a dry, clean cloth and leave it alone. The spot should disappear after a short while. If not, call in a professional leather cleaner to avoid damage to your recliner.

For stains on fabric upholstery, it is recommended that you deep-clean the recliner either professionally or with a store-bought cleaning detergent or foam cleaner. Always refer to the cleaning instructions which came with your recliner and remove all soap after cleaning. (Never leave the detergent to soak into your upholstery as it could weaken the fabric).

#3 Minor scratches

Cat got hold of your suite? Gently buff the surface using a cloth or clean fingers. If necessary, lightly moisten the area with clean water to work the scratches out. Another option is to purchase a leather repair kit to help remove the scratch marks.

Getting rid of scratches on a lather recliner

#4 No-nos for recliner care

  • Don’t use harsh detergents or chemicals on your suite as they will dull the sheen and cause premature fading. Never use cleaning solvents, furniture polish, oils, varnish, abrasive cleaners or ammonia water. While these items may be readily available in supermarkets, they can be very harmful to natural hides.
  • Don’t expose your lounge suite to direct sunlight and never allow a heater near your furniture.
  • Don’t let spills sit on the fabric. Rather wipe any stains immediately using a clean, damp cloth

#5 Regular cleaning do’s

Here at Reclineronline, we recommend that you have your suite professionally dry-cleaned or steam-cleaned every now and then for longevity.

Since dust can collect in the tiny folds of your recliner, your best option is to vacuum it regularly to eliminate odours. (Use the clean, soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner for this purpose). Make sure that any loose threads or buttons are sewn on properly to prevent the vacuum cleaner from pulling them off.

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