The iconic recliner – Everyone’s favourite chair

The iconic recliner - Everyone's favourite chair

Whether you’re into vintage decor with a nostalgic vibe or are just a sucker for luxurious comfort, the iconic recliner will definitely be on your radar. Perhaps not everyone’s favourite chair, there is no denying that the fondly nicknamed ‘Lazy Boy’ lounger is that one piece of furniture that memories are made of. From mothers nursing newborns or kids rushing to ‘book’ the recliner before grandpa gets there to guys settling in for the afternoon to watch rugby or sweethearts on a loveseat recliner enjoying a rom-com or binge-watching their favourite sitcom, the ubiquitous recliner chair and couch options are here to stay. 

Speaking of sitcoms, we cannot mention a recliner without referencing the role these chairs have played in TV shows such as Friends and Frasier. Who can forget Joey and Chandler’s rapt excitement at their two black recliners

And then there is that moving scene when Frasier throws his dad’s tired old recliner out and replaces it with a brand new one. (Be warned – you may need tissues).

The undeniable influence that recliners have had on our decor psyche over many generations is huge. 

These big and bulky comfort seating options have evolved and been redesigned over the years – but the core philosophy of their design vision has not changed – comfort, comfort, comfort! It’s all about putting your feet up (literally), sitting back and relaxing. And this is where recliners – in all shapes, colours, sizes and configurations – deliver in spades. 

As a leading online recliner furniture retailer, we have interacted with a broad diversity of South African consumers over the years and 3 reasons stand out as to their ongoing popularity. 

#1 They are SO comfortable

We realise we are stating the obvious, but the comfort ratings of recliner chairs and couches are off the charts! Their lumbar support, padding (in all the right places), reclining positions (and some with in-built massage therapy technology) ensure that they are not going anywhere and will continue to be a trending decor aesthetic in lounges, studies, nurseries, man caves and cinema rooms (if you are lucky enough to have one) all over the country. 

#2 They are SO versatile

There are now recliner options to suit every lifestyle; from single-seater to 6 -seater modular configurations as well as home theatre solutions to state-of-the-art gaming chairs. Whatever your individual or family needs, there is a recliner solution to fit your space. No matter what size your room or how specific your needs are, there is a bespoke design that will tick all your boxes – including single-seaters, love-seat chaises and 6-seater corner units. 

#3 They are SO customizable

This is where the interior design principles of form and function come together seamlessly. From traditional to contemporary spaces, your choice of recliner finishes is broad – genuine leather, leather uppers, leather look, suede or fabric. The mentality of just dumping a big and bulky recliner in the middle of a room is so old-school. These desirable and comfy seating options come in a range of upholstery designs and leather colours that will elevate your overall design aesthetic and add a little wow factor.  

Reclineronline – SO convenient

For locally made, quality and affordable recliners, your comfort journey starts at Reclineronline. We have brands to suit your taste, prices to suit your pocket and seating to suit every room and any space. Once you have found your ideal recliner, we guarantee a safe and secure online shopping experience and a full money-back guarantee within 7 days (if the recliner is still in its original packaging). 

Just click, kick back and put your feet up.